Door & Shutter Systems – Repair

This qualification covers the repair, service & maintenance of: -


    Vertically Sliding Industrial/Commercial Doors


    Vertically Rolling Industrial/Commercial Doors


    Horizontally Acting Industrial/Commercial Doors, Gates & Barriers


    Fire Resisting Industrial/Commercial Doors


    Domestic Garage Doors with Panel Construction


    Domestic Garage Doors with Rolling Construction


    Domestic Garage Doors – Power Operated


•    Manual Pedestrian Slide, Swing & Folding Doors


    Fire Resisting Pedestrian Doors


    Power Operated Pedestrian Slide, Swing & Folding Doors


    Manual and Power Operated Pedestrian Revolving Doors


    Gates & Barriers


•    Swing & Folding Doors

Rules Of Combination

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Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Mobile: 07449 875986

Email: peterwhyatt@hotmail.co.uk