What qualifications are available?


QUA800 - Door & Gate Systems - Installation.

QUB800 - Door & Gate Systems - Repair.

QUL800 - Loading Bay Equipment - Installation or Maintenance.


Which qualification?


If you predominantly install door systems then QUA800 will fit the bill. If you usually repair door systems, then choose QUB800. Both qualifications include the service and maintenance of door systems.


For loading bay equipment, there is only one qualification and you only need to cover one of the optional units.


You can of course do two or all three qualifications. As the first three mandatory units are identical for each qualification, this will simply mean an extra on site observation and more evidence and questioning.  Unfortunately, as they are separate qualifications, there will be an additional CITB registration fee and assessor costs.


What are the rules of combination?


The Rule of Combination (RoC) for each of the qualifications specifies the combination of units that need to be achieved for the individual to be awarded the qualification.


QUA800 - Door & Gate Systems - Installation


QUB800 - Door & Gate Systems - Repair


QUL800 - Loading Bay Equipment – Installation or Maintenance


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What are the costs involved?


The costs involved for a single qualification are dependent on the number of endorsements you wish to cover under your qualification, your experience and to some extent the observation location.  On average the cost is around £1200.


There is a CITB Registration Fee of £78.00 per qualification.


However, if you are registered with the CITB you may be eligible for a grant of £400 per person, and information on this can be found here…





How long does the process take?


The average period is around three months from start to finish, but this is very much dependent on the experience and availability of the candidate and the suitability of the work required for the observation.


The on-site observations must be live and genuine. Simulation is not permitted.


There is also a period required for the candidate to collate other forms of evidence, such as training records, witness statements etc.


During the induction process, the assessor will ascertain what experience the candidate has and will advise time scales on an individual basis.


The assessor also needs sufficient time to process the evidence gained and map this to the units in the standards.


At the end of the process, when the assessor has gained sufficient evidence of competence, a certificate claim will be put forward to the awarding body and subject to satisfactory validation the qualification certificate will be awarded.


As soon as the award is made, you can apply for the blue CSCS Skilled Worker Card.



What are the Terms & Conditions?


My fee for this process will be given prior to commencement and your instruction for me to proceed will be taken as agreement to the fee.


The fee will be invoiced in stages and is subject to 14-day payment.


The first invoice will be issued at Stage 2, with the second directly after the first observation.


My total fee must be paid in full prior to presentation of the portfolio to CITB.


Any additional on-site observations will be charged on a daily rate, will attract a mileage charge of 35p/mile and additional travelling expenses such as overnight accommodation.


All aborted on-site observations will be charged as above.


It is important that you comply with the agreed completion date and you must make every effort to do so. Please note that this may require an input from your Office Point of Contact. Substantial failure to meet the agreed requirements may result in you being dropped from the process with a loss of all fees paid.


Should you terminate the process at any point, this will result in the loss of all fees paid.

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