To work on most Construction sites and many other areas, you now need to prove occupational competence.


This is usually in the form of a CSCS card (Construction Skills Certification Scheme). There are various types of card dependent on your level of training and qualification. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO


Previously there were white CRO cards (Construction Related Occupation) and the Blue Skilled Worker cards, gained through Industry Accreditation (Grandfather Rights).


You will now find that the CRO cards have been withdrawn and if you have one issued from 1st October 2015, this will expire on 30th September 2017 and will not be renewable. If you have a CRO card that was issued prior to 1st October 2015, this will remain valid until the expiry date of the card.


To renew a CSCS card previously gained through Industry Accreditation, such as the Blue Skilled Worker, you will now need to prove that you have the appropriate training and qualifications required to carry out your job. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO


The NVQ level 2 is the required qualification in the Door and Loading Bay Systems industry in order to gain the CSCS cards.



Applying for CSCS cards


CSCS card applicants need to prove they have the training and qualifications required to carry out their job and apply for the correct card for their occupation.  The requirements can be checked by using the CSCS online cardfinder which will also confirm which type of CITB Health, Safety and Environment test needs to be passed.


CSCS cards cost £30 and the separate CITB Health, Safety and Environment test costs £21. There are organisations that offer card application services. If you are being charged more than £30 for a card or £21 for a CITB Health, Safety & Environment test, check that you understand what additional services you will receive.



To apply for a CSCS card


  • Pass the appropriate level CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test for your occupation. Find out which test you need to take by using the online cardfinder.


  • If you need to have passed a qualification to apply for a CSCS card please send a copy of your qualification to Find out which  qualifications you need for your occupation by using the online cardfinder.


  • Call 0344 994 4777 and pay £30 using a credit or debit card. Your CSCS card will be posted out to you on the next working day.


Alternatively, you can download an application form, complete it and return it with the required documentation and payment. Please note that postal applications can take up to 15 days.


Most cards arrive at their requested destination within 20 days of application. If your card has not been delivered to your requested destination within five weeks of your application, please contact CSCS. After 90s days, your application will be considered closed and a further payment of £30 will be required to reprocess an application.


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